For a home owner, having a beautifully constructed kitchen can add a lot of value to your house. To make the kitchen counter tops better, granite is a popular option among home owners. There are many varieties of granite available in the market. The granite you choose depends on your kitchen style and personal preferences. It is difficult for many home owners to decide what type of granite to buy. If you are thinking of buying granite for your kitchen counter tops then you may need to take a couple of factors into consideration. Here’s a list of tips to make deciding which granite or quartz to choose for your kitchen counter top easier:

Granite is available in two finishes

A polished finish results in a shiny look and often darkens the appearance of the stone, while honing is soft and matte.

Choose a color that coordinates with your kitchen

Granite is available in many beautiful colors. There are some dark colors available that can be used. It is crucial that the granite you buy is color coordinated with all the other items in the kitchen. To make sure that the color of the granite is according to the kitchen items, home owners may find it convenient to take a sample of their cabinets along with them when picking their counter tops.


Know how much granite you will need

When changing any part of your home, it is important that nothing goes to waste. It is better to have accurate measurements of the cabinet and floor space. If you feel that you may not be able to cut the granite yourself, you can contact a professional granite supplier. The supplier not only helps you in choosing the right granite but also in measuring and cutting the granite.

Consider the edging

This is what makes your kitchen unique and it could be another way of making your stone countertops a focal point of your kitchen. Get creative!

Standard edges:


Premium edges:


Make sure the base of your countertop can support the stone

Not all types of granites are the same. Some types of granite are denser than the others. For instance, black granite is heavier than the lighter shades of granite. There could be a problem when granite is too heavy because the base cabinet may collapse. In some cases, there have been accidents when the granite had not been properly fixed. Therefore, it is better to ask for professional help, to decide how heavy a granite counter top can be.

Granite is a popular option that many homeowners use to make counter tops. When buying granite it is important to determine what color and size of granite you want. Otherwise, the cabinets of the kitchen will not support the granite and collapse.


Some factors that affect the price include the grade of the material, color, finish and origin of the stone, complexity of the job, and who do you work with.



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